Things have been weird between us. I know, I know, he is having a hard time at work and that means we cannot chat as much as before. But the thing is that I do not think that is the problem. I think there is a lack of interest. Maybe I am wrong.
Anywho, I told him I was going to my grandma’s and there was no internet so we could not chat. I did not sent him his nightly message. I lied. I did not go to my grandma’s. I wanted to test his reaction and if there was still something between us.
My plan backfired. He says he misses me but he checked Whatsapp five minutes after I sent him a message and haven’t gotten any answer yet. He hasn’t even read them.
I thought things could have been fine if we break up but right now I feel like crap.
He just texted.


We barely talk on viber. This was the 3rd time we have talked on viber and it was because his ex texted him telling him ‘I miss you’.
Do not know how to react.

Him ~ 2

I don’t know what to think. I know he is busy with his job and I encourage him to commit 100% to it. But his attitude towards me has changed. The quality of our conversations is not the same as before. He has never been good at expressing his feelings, but he tried. Now, he does not try at all and skips my messages. I seriously do not know how to react. I have a lot going on too, but I don’t think I have neglected our relationship.

We had the plan to meet when I go to Europe, and I told him that he should decide on the day, date, country, etc. I hope we meet, even though I think he will never decide that.


Everything started with a friend request on Facebook. A teddy bear wanted us to be acquaintances. He sent me the common greeting message, asking me how I was doing. I, without paying much attention, answered with a simple ‘fine’ and asked back.
Unconscious to what might happen in the future, we kept on talking for some time on Facebook. He was curious about lifestyle in Chile, especially in Santiago, which caught my attention because one doesn’t simply want to know things about Santiago. No, this is not a psycho story, this does not even have an end.
Teddy bear answered to ‘Mickey’ and his alleged real name made sense with the nickname. I might go back to the name issue later on.
At first, our conversations were impersonal, meaning we just talked about general stuff, most of them related to Santiago or other places. It might be useful to point out that I did not answer often because I do not check Facebook every two seconds.
That might have been the reason for him to ask me for any other way to contact me, I gave him my Kik account, which to this day only has one contact.
We started talking on Kik more times a day and our conversations were not as neutral as before.