Everything started with a friend request on Facebook. A teddy bear wanted us to be acquaintances. He sent me the common greeting message, asking me how I was doing. I, without paying much attention, answered with a simple ‘fine’ and asked back.
Unconscious to what might happen in the future, we kept on talking for some time on Facebook. He was curious about lifestyle in Chile, especially in Santiago, which caught my attention because one doesn’t simply want to know things about Santiago. No, this is not a psycho story, this does not even have an end.
Teddy bear answered to ‘Mickey’ and his alleged real name made sense with the nickname. I might go back to the name issue later on.
At first, our conversations were impersonal, meaning we just talked about general stuff, most of them related to Santiago or other places. It might be useful to point out that I did not answer often because I do not check Facebook every two seconds.
That might have been the reason for him to ask me for any other way to contact me, I gave him my Kik account, which to this day only has one contact.
We started talking on Kik more times a day and our conversations were not as neutral as before.